Monday, February 1, 2016

A Day

We love having students attend our basketball games and cheering on the Wahawks. A few reminders as you attend the games:
1) Students may not enter the gym until a supervising GWMS staff member is present. Coaches are not able to supervise students while they waiting for games to start, so please wait outside the gym.
2) When cheering, please be positive. No negative cheers/chants such as "airball" will be allowed, as it does not demonstrate GWMS values.
3) Please keep in mind, GWMS and visiting team parents are there to watch their child play. Please watch the game.  Please refrain from horseplay, using phones, taking pictures/selfies and other distracting behaviors in the bleachers. 
4) Please do not shoot around in timeouts or between quarters/halves or games. The basketball officials have asked this to not to happen. 
5) Space in bleachers is limited, please keep your belonging on your laps or near your feet. This will give us more seating room.

LEAP activities today: Y-Club, Creative Arts, Homework Help, Fitness Club