Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"B" Day

Garth Callaghan is coming to GWMS!!!
We are super excited that Garth Callaghan, author of Napkin Notes, is coming to GWMS on Thursday, February 18th
Garth Callaghan has been diagnosed with cancer four times in the past three years. Facing with his own mortality, Garth found his purpose: connect with his daughter Emma every day, even in small ways. When Garth’s daughter was in kindergarten, he started writing a brief note on the napkin he tucked in her lunch bag each day. Once diagnosed with cancer, Garth learned these notes play a much more significant role in his relationship with Emma than he ever imagined.  Garth’s motto is quite simple: Pack – Write – Connect.  Get inspired by Garth’s story and the power of human connection. If you want to order a copy of Napkin Notes to read before Garth's visit, stop by the LRC during Homebase or after school to pick up an order form. Completed forms and money should also be turned in to the LRC during Homebase or after school.  Order forms are also available on the Washington website.

Happy Birthday!
Brionna Dukes
Zander Winders

School Dance
Friday 1/22/16

Reminders for Students Attending Events at Senior High School
1. NO BACKPACKS or bags. Those will be taken and stored, but just best to not bring them at all.

2. Students are expected to follow school expectations for behavior:
a. No running or loitering in halls
b. Appropriate cheers for our team, not against the other teams
c. No foul/abusive language

3. If students are not complying with our requests by event staff/administration they may be asked to leave and not return. They may also be banned from attending future events.